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Set Up a Trust in France

France is one of the European countries in which establishing a trust is one of the possibilities for those interesting in asset protection solutions. The Trust Law which was enabled in 2011 also provides for a new taxation regime for trusts in France. The legislation also brought several changes in the reporting requirements for the trustees.

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What is a trust, according to the French legislation?

France did not have a law on the establishment of trusts until 2011, however it did recognize international trusts, which is why the government at the time created the legal framework which would allow wealthy individuals to benefit from enhanced estate planning tools.

Under the French Trust Law, the trust is a structure for asset protection and tax minimization purposes by a settlor – the person creating it. However, in order to be allowed to set up a trust in France, at least one of the following requirements must be met:

  • –          the settlor is a French resident;
  • –          the beneficiary or beneficiaries are French residents;
  • –          the property conveyed in the trust deed is registered in France.

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How to create a trust in France

The trust is not created by registration with the French Trade Register, but it is established by drafting, signing and notarizing a deed of trust through which the possessions of the settlor are placed in the hands of the trustee who will administer them on behalf of the beneficiaries. The French trust can also be set up by drafting a testament.

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Reporting requirements for trustees in France

Furthermore, the trustee – the person or French company in charge with the administration of the assets held in trust- is subject to certain reporting requirements with the French tax authorities:

  • –          offering information about any changes brought to the trust;
  • –          offering information about the content of the trust deed;
  • –          offering information on the value of the assets held in the trust.

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