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Set Up an Investment Fund in France

Foreign investors who want to open a company in France can successfully choose the financial industry which is quite diverse and benefits from various incentives from the government. Among the best branches of the financial sector is the investment funds one which very well-established and regulated in France. The main law providing for the establishment of an investment fund in France is the Monetary and the Financial Code. However, France has also integrated all EU legislation related to investment funds in the local one in order to simplify the licensing procedure of EU-based investment funds in France.

Our company formation agents in France can offer more information on the legislation governing the opening of investment funds in this country.

Types of investment funds which can be set up in France

One of the best parts of France is that it allows both professional or qualified investors as well as non-professional investors to create investment funds here. French investment funds can be categorized into:

  • –          collective investment funds;
  • –          retail funds;
  • –          non-retail funds;
  • –          hedge funds.

Our company registration consultants in France can offer full information on the characteristics of the investment funds enumerated above.

Types of structures used to open a French investment fund

The variety of French investment funds gives room the select the type of corporate or non-corporate form which can be used to register the fund with the Companies Register and the Financial Markets Authority. The following structures are agreed by the authorities:

  • –          open-ended investment companies;
  • –          closed-ended investment companies;
  • –          FCPs (fonds communs de placement).

According to the Commercial Code, the limited liability company can be used to register open and closed-ended investment companies in France.

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Registering an investment fund in France

The first step to set up an investment fund in France implies registering the limited liability company or any other structure with the Trade Register followed by the authorization with the Financial Markets Authority. One must take into account that depending on the type of structure used, a minimum share capital is required when creating an investment fund in France.

For information on the requirements related to setting up any type of investment fund, please contact our French company formation representatives.