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Set Up an Online Shop in France

Set Up an Online Shop in France

Selling goods online is one of the most popular activities of French companies which have started expanding their businesses in different cities in order reach a greater number of customers. However, having both a physical and online store is putting pressure on more and more companies, therefore it is quite common in France for businesses to give up their traditional stores and keep only the online ones. Young enterprisers, on the other hand, start their businesses in online environment directly.

No matter the type of business you want to set up, our French company formation consultants can advise you.

France is one of the countries counting a great number of startups in the information technology industry. This industry has developed quite a lot during the last several years, placing France among the most sought destination by foreign investors, but most of all by young enterprisers interested in opening IT companies.

The French legislation applicable to online stores

Setting up an online shop in France is very advantageous because it is highly regulated. While there are laws which apply to both online and traditional businesses, e-commerce platforms also have their own regulations to comply with, which makes it safe to be registered here. Among the laws providing for the establishment of an online shop in France we mention:

  • –          the Commercial Code;
  • –          the Consumer Rights Law;
  • –          the Civil Code;
  • –          the Telecommunications and Post Codes Law;
  • –          the Intellectual Property Law.

Additionally, the Confidence in Digital Economy Act was specifically created for carrying out online activities. Our company registration advisors in France can offer information on the other laws applying to online stores.

How to create an online platform in France

The first aspect to be completed when opening an online shop in France is the company incorporation procedure. This can be handled by our agents in France. Following that, the next steps are quite important:

  • –          buying a unique domain name;
  • –          creating a website;
  • –          setting up specific characteristics for selling products online.

These characteristics imply a merchant bank account, safety features which must be integrated on the website used by the French online store, creating advertising channels for promoting the business. Registering the domain name with the Intellectual Property Office is also a good idea in order to protect the company’s name.

The IT industry in France covers a wide range of business activities

One of the reasons that led to the development of the IT industry in France is the repeatedly request from business owners to have new technology they could use in the production, marketing and sale of their products. This is how the young and skilled workforce France is known for has started to create programs which help these business owners. This is also how the IT industry entered economic sectors like the financial, the telecommunications and retail ones.

Seeing the great potential of this industry, the government started investing in it by offering aid programs, research and development tax incentives and funding solutions for IT companies in France. Moreover, the authorities have also enabled the “innovation new company” status which is dedicated to young enterprisers opening IT companies in France.

Our company registration consultants in France can offer information on the incentives granted to IT companies.

A few interesting facts about the IT sector in France

In 2016 France was the first country to host the largest digital incubator in the world which can host 1,000 startups at once. 2016 was also the year in which France was the only country in Europe to send the largest number of innovative companies to one of the greatest consumer electronic shows in the world. In order to support the development of the IT industry, the government will invest 20 billion euros in the Very High-Speed Broadband France Plan which will be extended throughout the whole country by 2022.

For assistance in registering an online business, do not hesitate to contact our company formation consultants in France. You can also rely on us if you want to open a traditional shop in France.