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Virtual Office in France

Virtual Office in France

In 2017, France was one of the most advanced countries in Europe in terms of Internet connection, as well as one of the countries with the greatest number of innovative startups due to the support offered by the government. This support is also what attracted a large number of foreign investors interested in opening companies in France and who needed virtual offices in France.

 Quick Facts  
Who can benefit from virtual office services

Investors who want to expand their businesses, startups etc. 

The purpose of a virtual office

Registered business address

Facilities of a virtual office

– mail collection and forwarding,

– call answering and redirecting,

– voice mailbox services

Local business address (YES/NO)


Registered office (YES/NO) Yes
Dedicated fax services (YES/NO)


Timeframe for receiving virtual office package

Around 24 hours

Collection of bank statements

On request

Meeting rooms (YES/NO) Yes 
Local phone number (YES/NO)


Dedicated office plan 

On request

Virtual assistant (YES/NO)


Location rent (YES/NO)


Work remotely (YES/NO)


Costs of a virtual office At a fraction of price for a traditional office

One of the key requirements to open a company in France is to have a registered address, which must appear in the Trade Register’s records. However, nowadays companies can obtain a virtual office which can be used as a registered address for their business in France. The virtualoffice in France allows a business owner to work remotely while having a physical address where all the correspondence can be received.

Our company registration agents in France can offer more information on how to obtainavirtualoffice in Paris and other important cities in this country. Foreign entrepreneurs can also rely on us for complete company incorporation services in France and immigration services in European countries. 

What is a virtual office in France?

virtual office in France is, in fact, a physical office in a French town, in which various services are integrated and provided to entrepreneurs and companies who need an address in a specific country. The virtual office in Paris, France, is a service and it is called like this because it does not require for the person who requests the service to be present there in order to manage the activities conducted from it.

Virtual offices in France are often employed by business persons and even companies in other countries which need temporary offices where they can undertake specific activities. Through a virtual office, it is much simpler to keep in touch with clients and business partners in France.

It is also possible for French companies and entrepreneurs to ask for virtual office services in other cities than the ones they operate in, and this is why this service has become quite popular here in the last few years. Many foreign investors choose to have a virtual office in Paris.

One of the greatest advantages of a virtual office in France is that it can be equipped with the machinery requested by the client, and thus our local specialists can make customized offers to those interested in obtaining such a service.

The list of advantages of virtual offices is quite extensive because this service is tailored to the client’s request.

Who can obtain a virtual office in Paris, France?

There are no restrictions as to who can obtain a virtual office in France, considering one only needs to search for such services and sign a contract with the service provider. Our French company formation specialists also offer virtual office services to natural persons and companies no matter if they are in France or not.

Are you looking for accountants in France? Our specialists can offer you the services you need for your company. Payroll involves the distribution of salaries in the company, after paying the related taxes, and bookkeeping involves recording all financial inputs and outputs. We also offer tax registration support for your firm, so don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about the accounting services we can offer you.

The characteristics of a French virtual office

For those who don’t know exactly what a virtual office is and what it is made of or what these services in imply, our French company formation advisors explain some of its features:

  • you don’t need to hire any employees for a virtual office;
  • the office comes equipped with all the necessary tools to start working immediately;
  • the acquisition of a virtual office is concluded through a contract, just like any other service;
  • the virtual office can stay open during the hours and days you need;
  • the virtual office can be used as a post office address;
  • you will not pay for the maintenance of the virtual office;
  • the virtual office is perfect for startup companies in France which need to lower their costs.

We also remind you that we can help you open a company in France.

The infographic below explains how to obtain a virtual office in France:


The uses of a virtual office in France

The virtual office can be used for various purposes, among which as a registered address for a limited period of time when registering a new company in France. As mentioned above, it can also be used as a contact point for those interested in having a presence in France with the purpose of exploring the local market and having a place to reach for potential clients.

Our company formation agents in France can explain how a virtual officein Paris can be used.

Virtual office services available in France

The services provided in a French virtual office can be customized to the client’s needs, which is one of the advantages companies can benefit from. The standard services to be received in a virtual office in France are:

  1.  a business address in a renowned business center in Paris or another French city;
  2.  a local phone number which can include phone answering and forwarding services;
  3.  mail collection and re-direction services (we can also store the mail for you);
  4.  a fax number for receiving and storing or forwarding fax messages;
  5.  meeting room services are also available for those interested in this service.

On request, our French company formation consultants can also collect bank statements and send them to another address indicated by the client. Meeting room services are also available when choosing our virtual office services in France

Virtual office vs. traditional office in France

One of the best reasons for choosing a French virtual office instead of the traditional one is the price and the location of the former. Having a virtual office in a well-known business center is much cheaper than setting up an office in a place one can afford. The traditional office also implies having dedicated personnel for different tasks, however, in a virtual office in France, all these tasks can be included in the package without going through the hassle of interviewing candidates. At last, the virtual office can be an alternative for the registered address of one’s company in France, as seen above.

The virtual office vs. the French liaison office

Most people ask about the virtual office in comparison to the representative office, considering they may seem similar from certain points of view. However, there is an important difference between them – the liaison office is recognized by the Company Law in France as a presence or legal entity which can complete activities related to marketing and research. Compared to it, the virtual office cannot be used for such purposes, neither is it recognized by the Commercial Code.

Another difference between the virtual office and the representative office is that the latter needs to hire or bring an employee from the foreign company’s head office to handle the day-to-day activities in the office. There is no need for such a person in a virtual office in France.

How can I get a virtual office in France?

Being a service, you will need to sign a contract if you want to have a virtual office in France. The parties will agree on the duration of the contract and the services covered by it. It is important to know that the client can have a person at their disposal to handle the activities in the virtual office and opt for other temporary services for specific activities, such as renting a conference room for holding a meeting.

You can also watch this video for more information on our virtual office services in France:

FAQ on virtual offices in France

Those who have not come across the term virtual office usually have questions about it, which is why our company registration advisors in France have answered some of them below:

Is there a list of virtual offices I can choose one from?

Yes, we usually put at the disposal of our clients various virtual office services, including lists with places in which these can be found.

How much does it cost to get a virtual office in France?

The cost of a virtual office is usually influenced by the additional services attached to it and its location, which is why we invite you to contact us and find out more about our offers.

Is it safe to have such a virtual office?

Yes, it is completely safe to opt for a virtual office in France.

Can I have a virtual office in the city I want?

Virtual offices are usually hosted by office buildings, which is why they can be found in large cities in France. This also makes them easier to reach.

How soon can I use the virtual office after I obtain it?

The virtual office becomes available as soon as you have obtained it.

For a personalized offer for virtual office services, do not hesitate to contact our company formation representatives in France. You can also rely on us for full company incorporation services in France.